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The Corner Bar

Home of the almost world famous joey wings


Located in Minneapolis' historic Seven Corners district, The Corner Bar is the perfect place for a beer after class, a quick business lunch, or to watch the big game. We have 15+ beers on tap, tons of screens to never miss a second of the action. We're also home to the highest rated Comedy Club in the Cities.



(612) 339 4333



1501 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55418



Every day 11am - 2am

We have delivery with Bite Squad!

We have delivery with Bite Squad!

Monday-Friday | 4pm-7pm



We're home of Minneapolis' highest rated comedy club: The Comedy Corner Underground. Get tickets below, or if you have questions for the club text 612-492-1197 24x7!

Monday | 7pm-10pm

Domestic Bottles featuring Miller Lite MGD,
Miller High Life, & Redd’s Apple Ale                                                   $3.00

Jag & Jag Bombs                                                                                   $4.00

Wings                                                                                                     $4.99

Tuesday | TACO Tuesday

Tacos                                                                                                      $3.00

Corona Lite, Pacifico                                                                             $3.50

Wednesday | 9pm-11pm

Domestic Taps                                                                                        $3.00

Captain and Drinks                                                                                 $3.00

Thursday | 9pm-11pm

Domestic Bottles                                                                                       $3.00

Captain/Stoli Drinks                                                                                   $3.00

Friday & Saturday | 9pm-11pm

Domestic Taps featuring Miller Lite                                                           $3.00

Captain Drinks                                                                                              $3.00

Well Drinks                                                                                                    $3.00

Sunday | 6pm-9pm

Domestic Taps featuring Miller Lite                                                             $3.00

Specialty Taps                                                                                                 $3.50

Import Taps                                                                                                     $4.00


We carry EVERY SINGLE UFC fight!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
1501 Washington Ave S. 55454

What's your phone number?

Where is the Comedy Corner Underground?
Located inside of the bar. You need to enter through the doors for the bar to get to the CCUG.

Do you have a food menu?
Did you look at the other parts of the website? (just kidding) Yes! We have some great food options, and deliver through bitesquad so you can enjoy out food from anywhere.

Where should I park?
The parking lot DIRECTLY behind the bar usually costs $3, and you'll get the cost of parking off your tab (most of the time)

Do you have to be 21 to enter?
NO! We're a bar and grill, so until 10pm people under the age of 21 can be in the bar. After 10pm, they can with a legal guardian. 

If I can't park in the lot behind the bar, where should I park?
Off street - the meters in front of the bar are off after 6pm
The lot behind Bullwinkle's  is also $4, but you don't get the total off your tab. 
Outside of that, there is one hour parking down the block from us, but it is enforced 24x7, so make sure you don't get a ticket!